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Christopher Scelsa

Christopher Scelsa

Associate Partner

In addition to investment management, Christopher Scelsa focuses on advanced financial planning. He believes his level of detail to incorporate executive compensation, budget analysis, and retirement plan strategies sets him apart from the way others approach the field. Chris commonly refers to retirement planning as “pursuing financial independence.”

He takes great pride in being a part of a client’s financial journey. If you talk to Chris about education planning, he says, “We don’t just set up a college 529 plan and hope for the best. We do it a little differently.  We look at various options. We also try to look for scholarship and grant opportunities that can reduce the financial exposure for the student.”

With each portfolio, Chris strives to design an individual, customized program, based each client’s situation and goals. His ultimate goal is building a program based on their unique financial situation.

“Our mission is to understand what’s important to people and give them the tools to get there,” says Chris, “I like to think of what we do as solving a puzzle. Our clients come to us with disassembled pieces of a puzzle and we help them put it together. It’s gratifying when they see the completed picture.